Zara is a stunning curvy babe for you gentlemen who love your ladies who carry a few extra pounds in all the right places. This BBW is awaiting to you meet, don’t keep her waiting.

1 hour£150£170
2 hours£300£340
3 hours£450£510
Additional Hour£150£170
Dinner Date£450£450


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Product Description

👩 About Me 👩
Hey there, I’m Zara, a vivacious 23-year-old British beauty with luscious brunette locks that flow like silk and captivating blue eyes that hold a hint of mischief. With a dazzling smile and a curvaceous 34E bust, I’m here to make your heart skip a beat.

🍹 Favourites 🍹
Drink: Cocktails are my passion; they’re the perfect blend of fun and flavour, just like our time together.
Perfume: Envelop yourself in the alluring scent of Lady Million, my favourite perfume; it’s a touch of luxury that lingers in the air wherever I go.
Date Spot: Ready for an exhilarating night out? Let’s dance the night away at The Volks Nightclub, where the music pulses through our veins, and the night comes alive with boundless energy.

💕 Seeking 💕
I’m in search of someone who knows how to appreciate the excitement of life, a partner in crime who can match my energy and add sparks to every moment. If you’re adventurous, spontaneous, and ready to create unforgettable memories, then we’re destined for an electrifying connection.

🌟 My Guarantees 🌟
In my company, you’ll experience a whirlwind of sensations that’ll leave you breathless. I guarantee you:

Our date will be an unforgettable escapade; I believe in savouring every electrifying second we spend together.
You’ll have my complete devotion and undivided attention; when we’re together, the world fades away, and it’s just you and me.
Let’s embark on a thrilling journey, where passion and excitement intertwine. I’m ready to create a love story that’s as intense and unforgettable as a midnight adventure under the stars.





Hair Colour



5ft 6

Bust Size


Favourite Drink


Favourite Perfume

Lady Millions

Favourite Date

Partying at The Volks Nightclub


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