What more could you want from a sexy busty brunette, with a slim figure and round ass? Nothing, just like we thought! That is why we are delighted to introduce you to the amazing Jessica

1 hour£150£170
2 hours£300£340
3 hours£450£510
Additional Hour£150£170
Dinner Date£450£450

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Product Description

👩 About Me 👩
Hello, I’m Jessica, a 22-year-old British beauty with raven-black hair that cascades like a waterfall and deep, mesmerizing blue eyes that hold a universe of secrets. A touch of elegance and a hint of mystery make me a captivating companion. Let’s meet and I will show you my sensual and erotic skills.

🍷 Favourites 🍷
Drink: Red wine is my delightful indulgence; its rich flavors perfectly complement the moments we’ll share together.
Perfume: Lady Million is my exquisite scent of choice; it exudes confidence and allure, leaving a trail of enchantment wherever I go.
Date Spot: Fancy something unique and fun? Let’s get competitive at Globalls, where the vibrant glow-in-the-dark mini-golf sets the stage for a memorable and playful date.

💕 Seeking 💕
I am a lady of simple pleasures. You treat me well and I will treat you to the VIP experience. I like clients of all shapes and sizes. As long as you are interested in me, we will have a fun time together.

🌟 My Guarantees 🌟
When you step into my world, prepare to be dazzled. I guarantee you:

Our date will be an experience like no other; I believe in cherishing each second we spend together.
You’ll have my undivided attention, and every smile, every laugh will be genuine and shared wholeheartedly.





Hair Colour



5ft 6

Bust Size


Favourite Drink

Red Wine

Favourite Perfume

Lady Million

Favourite Date



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