Escort Abbreviations You Need to Know

Escort Abbreviations You Need to Know

Whether you’re a newbie diving into this world or a seasoned enthusiast ready for new connections, you’ve probably noticed that the escorting world has its own language—a unique set of terms that’s crucial to understand and use if you want to navigate this landscape smoothly.

So, get ready to learn, familiarise yourself with the lingo and abbreviations, and avoid any awkward moments or misunderstandings down the line.

For Escorts: Know Your Services Inside and Out

If you’re stepping into the role of an escort, it’s like preparing for any job—research is key. Dig deep into the services this industry offers, and choose to present only those that make you feel comfortable. Avoid agreeing to any service requests if you’re unsure of what they entail.

Remember, it’s better to ask questions and admit you’re still learning than to find yourself in a situation where you have to decline a client’s request because of miscommunication.

Types of Escorts

Escorts are often categories based on ages, looks and their services. It is very common to find blonde escorts, brunette models, busty babes and young teen companions, but there are some call girls that might be a little harder to understand their abbreviation.

Listed below are just some of the most frequently encountered that like-minded punters often come across:

GFE – Girlfriend Experience: Having a steady girlfriend is never a joyride, but what if we told you that your companion can give you a romantic evening reminiscent of the honeymoon phase?

MILF – Mother I’d Like to Fuck: A mature woman typically seeking a younger man. For those of you looking to embark on an adventure with a confident, experienced woman, be on the lookout for those vivacious cougars.

PSE – Porn Star Experience: Ever fantasised about a sexual escapade inspired by your favourite adult movies? Look for escorts offering the PSE service.

TS/Trans: An umbrella term covering identities that transgress binary gender norms. So, for those of you exploring diverse gender identities, the world of TS escorts is open to those who seek unique experiences.

BBW – (Big Beautiful Woman): When it comes to finding beauty in all forms, size doesn’t matter. Enjoy the company of curvaceous BBWs who know how to keep you entertained.

PAWG – Phat Ass White Girl: If you’re into a big booty on a caucasian woman, you might find yourself gravitating towards these captivating ladies.

Intimate Escort Service Explained

Escort terms and abbreviations are not all about the risqué and the explicit. Some are delightfully playful, and your upcoming romantic escapade could undoubtedly benefit from some of these unique services:

FBSM – Full Body Sensual Massage: A sensual massage to relax you after a long day’s work… what more could you ask for?

FK – French Kissing: For those who believe that passionate kissing is the gateway to unforgettable moments.

DFK – Deep French Kissing: Ready to take your kissing game up a notch? Get ready for a lip-locking experience like no other.

Anal Escort Service Explained

For genuine fans of the backside passage, these escort terms and abbreviations could make your day:

A-Level: Anal sex, or penetration of the anus – for the adventurous souls who crave the thrill of exploring uncharted territory.

ATM – Ass to Mouth: Anal sex immediately followed by oral sex – an option for those who like to push boundaries. Just remember to stay safe and sanitary!

Rimming: Orally gratifying someone’s anus, a practice that offers unique sensual pleasure.

Oral Escort Services Explained

Oral sex… an act of intimacy revered by men, women, and everyone in between! Read on to see if any of your preferred oral acts are hiding behind any of these escort abbreviations:

BJ – Blow Job: Sometimes, there’s nothing quite like a well-executed, tantalising blow job… simple, yet effective.

BBBJTC – Bare Back Blow Job to Completion: For the bold souls who desire a mind-blowing experience without barriers… or in this case, without a condom!

BBBJWF – Bare Back Blow Job with Facial: Fancy a climax that ends with an artistic touch? Look no further!

OWO – Oral Without Condom: The clue’s in the name….

CBJ – Covered Blow Job: Oral sex with a condom – for those who prioritise safety in their intimate escapades.

BLS – Balls Licking and Sucking: Who can forget the most neglected but deserving members of the male anatomy – the balls.

CIM – Cum in Mouth: For those who crave a truly climactic conclusion.

CIMWS – Cum in Mouth with Swallowing: Taking it a step further and ensuring nothing goes to waste.

BDSM/Kink Escort Services Explained

Every now and then, we all have those forbidden fantasies… those naughty desires we’ve kept tucked away, until now. Here, you’ll discover a tantalising array of kinky services, each with its own unique abbreviation, ready to bring your fantasies to life:

BDSM – Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, and Sadomasochism: When you’re yearning for a more intense and immersive experience in the world of kink.

GS – Golden Shower: Urinating on the body or in the mouth… some folks find this to be the ultimate turn-on!

CD – Cross Dressing: For those of you who enjoy dressing up in women’s clothing – whether it be stockings, dresses or lingerie – keep your eye out for this popular term!

CBT – Cock and Ball Torture: An activity involving the application of pain or constriction to the downstairs department, all for the sake of pleasure.

Some Extra Services

COB/COF – Cum on Body/Face: A thrilling way to end your rendezvous with a burst of ecstasy.

FS – Full Service: For those who want it all – a comprehensive experience that leaves nothing to the imagination.

BBS – Bareback sex: Vaginal or anal sex without a condom. Remember, safety should always be a priority, so think twice before exploring this one.

CDS – Covered Doggy Style: A fan-favourite position in which one individual penetrates the other from behind with a condom.

Now You’re Ready to Book an Escort!

Well then, it seems you’re ready. Armed with this newfound knowledge of escort terms and abbreviations, you’re now prepared to navigate our platform like a pro.

To book one of the many escorts in Brighton with confidence, simply click on the profile of your chosen companion. There, you’ll find all the juicy details – rates, services, and bios. Like what you see? Go ahead and make that first contact – the beginning of a journey filled with passion and enchantment. Enjoy the ride!

Please remember that all escorts decide their own services and you should never force or request a service that is not highlighted on a girls profile. It’s all about exploring your desires safely and consensually.

Have fun, be respectful, and make your encounters as thrilling as you want them to be. Happy punting!

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