Escort Abbreviations You Need to Know

Escort Abbreviations You Need to Know

Whether you’re a newbie diving into this world or a seasoned enthusiast ready for new connections, you’ve probably noticed that the escorting world has its own language—a unique set of terms that’s crucial to understand and use if you want to navigate this landscape smoothly.

So, get ready to learn, familiarise yourself with the lingo and abbreviations, and avoid any awkward moments or misunderstandings down the line.

For Escorts: Know Your Services Inside and Out

If you’re stepping into the role of an escort, it’s like preparing for any job—research is key. Dig deep into the services this industry offers, and choose to present only those that make you feel comfortable. Avoid agreeing to any service requests if you’re unsure of what they entail.

Remember, it’s better to ask questions and admit you’re still learning than to find yourself in a situation where you have to decline a client’s request because of miscommunication.

For Hobbyists: Understand Your Desires and Boundaries

As a hobbyist, you’re in the driver’s seat of your experiences. Familiarise yourself with the meanings behind the services offered by escorts and choose wisely. Never opt for something you’re not comfortable with—you’ll save both your time and your partner’s.

Let’s Dive into the Slang!

Now, let’s break down some of the most common escorting slang terms you should know. We’re focusing on the basics—the ones that pop up in everyday escort-talk.

A-level or Greek: This term refers to anal sex. If an escort lists this service, it means she’s open to it. Just check for any extra fees on top of the hourly rate.

BBBJ: Also known as Bare Back Blow Job, it’s fellatio performed without a condom.

CIM or CIF: These stand for Cum In Mouth and Cum In Face, referring to how a sexual act concludes. These terms are often used when talking about unprotected oral sex.

GFE (Girlfriend Experience): This one’s common. It’s like going on a date with a regular girlfriend, with sex that’s on the vanilla side. It includes kissing, caressing, foreplay, and cuddling.

PSE (Porn Star Experience): This is the opposite of GFE. It’s like stepping into an adult movie with wild, varied sex positions.

MSOG (Multiple Shots On Goal): This means multiple orgasms for the client during one session. Discuss this before the date so everyone’s on the same page.

Russian: This involves using one’s penis between the provider’s breasts.

Age Play: Pretending to be younger than your actual age during play.

Rimming Give/Receive: Oral sex on the anus, also known as analingus.

Pegging: Anal penetration done by a female to a male using a strap-on or similar device.

BBW (Big Beautiful Women): Refers to escorts with voluptuous curves.

Pearl Necklace: Ejaculating on the provider’s neck/chest.

NQNS (No Quit No Spit): Oral sex, to completion, with swallowing.

Off the Clock: Activities with the provider not associated with payment.

P4P (Pay for Play): Paying for sexual favours.

Role Playing: Acting out sexual fantasies with roles and costumes.

Tea Bagging: Placing the scrotum in the partner’s open mouth.

Golden Shower or Water Sports: Urine play involving urinating on a partner.

This is just a taste of the common slang used in the escorting world. Now, go ahead, learn these terms, and use them to make sure you’re on the same page when discussing services for your date.


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